Here ‘s what you want to know about Bulletproof Helmet


Here ‘s what you want to know about Bulletproof Helmet

Jan 01 1970

Here ‘s what you want to know about Bulletproof Helmet:

1.Can bulletproof helmet prevent bullet?

In fact, most of the time the helmet is not used for bulletproof but for bulletproof fragments.

According to statistics, 75% of the casualties of soldiers on the battlefield are caused by fragments of bombs such as shells, grenades, and landmines. The speed of the shrapnel that spreads to the vicinity of the explosion point is less than half of the speed of the bullet. It can be completely protected with a helmet. At the same time, it can also protect the bullets fired from the slope from grazing the edge of the helmet, and bounce off after hitting, effectively preventing the damage of the shrapnel to the brain.

2.Will the helmet be hit and the neck will be broken?
For some the shell of the helmet is made of multi-layer Kevlar fiber (we called Aramid Fiber), and when the bullet hits, it deforms layer by layer to absorb most of the impact. The suspension inside the helmet can further reduce the impact force and prevent shell fragments from hurting the head. After this series of slowing down of the impact force, the power of the bullet at this time is only like a boxer punching your head.

Data show that during World War II, the mortality rate of soldiers wearing helmets can be reduced by 19%. Steel helmets protected the lives of at least 70,000 American soldiers in World War II

Now we have entered the era of information warfare, what the helmet carries is no longer just to protect soldiers, but also to be multi-functional and digital. Communication, night vision, lighting and other functional accessories are gradually installed on the helmet.


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