What is the Tactical Frog Suit?


What is the Tactical Frog Suit?

Jan 01 1970

Tactical Frog Suit is a special combat clothing invented by US Marine Corps snipers during the Afghanistan War for concealment and sniper operations in environments such as mountains and jungles. It gets its name from its distinctive camouflage pattern, which looks like the skin of a frog.

The design of Tactical Frog Suit is different from traditional camouflage clothing. It uses a variety of camouflage patterns in different colors and patterns, making it more difficult for the wearer to be found in complex natural environments. In addition, the suit is also waterproof, windproof, and breathable, which can help the wearer stay comfortable and dry in harsh environments.

Although the Tactical Frog Suit was originally used by US Marine Corps snipers, it has been widely used by various special operations forces and police units to improve combat efficiency and concealment.

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