Anti Riot Suit Uniform for Army

Anti Riot Suit Uniform for Army
  • Anti Riot Suit Uniform for Army
  • Anti Riot Suit Uniform for Army
  • Anti Riot Suit Uniform for Army

Anti Riot Suit Uniform for Army

Material: PC plastic ,anti flaming polyester
Weight : 7.03kg/pc
Height: 165cm-185cm

Product Details
Anti Riot Suit Uniform for Army

The suit is combined with differently shaped pattern bricks. There are no difficulties for all kind of actions including bending / running/jumping/turning / kneeling down etc., flexible movements even with weapon/shield carrying on. It can resist strong impact such as knife cut, stab, stone and baton hit and even chemical acid etc.

What makes a riot a riot?

A riot is characterized by a large-scale gathering of people engaging in violent and unlawful actions, causing disruption, destruction of property, and posing a threat to public safety. It is marked by a breakdown of order, with individuals expressing collective anger and frustration through acts of violence and chaos.

Protection area:Chest, abdomen,groin protectors :≥0.16m2

Back protectors :≥0.19m2

Upper limbers protectors :≥0.26m2

Lower limbers protectors :≥0.42m2

Feature  : anti flaming , waterproof , UV resistant ,stab resistant ,anti resistant  

Anti stab performance : Front & back of armor can stand 20J puncture kinetic energy

Anti impact performance : can stand 120J impact kinetic energy

Strike energy absorption performance : the protective coating of front and back bear 100J kinetic energy impact,the daub creasing <20mm

Anti-flaming performance : Plastic protective pieces is in line with FV-2 level ,oxygen index of lining >28%

What is the role of the anti riot police?

The role of anti-riot police is to maintain public order and safety during situations of civil unrest or protests. They are tasked with controlling crowds, preventing violence, and protecting both the public and property by using appropriate tactics, crowd management techniques, and, if necessary, non-lethal force.


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